iPads + Instruction

  • This year our school received funding from a Race to the Top (RTTT) Technology Grant which provides all students grades 3 - 6 with an iPad! The iPads allow daily instruction to be more learner centered and also allow for differentiated instruction so that students are able to progress at their own pace. Students are more engaged in the learning process which has improved student progress in math and science. Students are excited to get on their iPads to learn! 


    The video clip below is an example of one way we use our iPads in Math Areas. Our class is divided into three math groups and each group rotates through the three assigned Math Areas.  Students in the Zearn Area are on Zearn.org receiving interactive instruction based on our current EngageNY Lesson. Students in the Skills & Strategy Area are on Prodigy reviewing/practicing previously taught skills independently. This allows me, as the teacher, to work with a small group of students in the Teacher Guided Area.



    The video below is an example of an Explain Everything. In the video below, two students are modeling how to solve a 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problem using the area model. The Explain Everything videos are then used during AIS instruction for students that need remediation on a specific skill.