Community Service Project: Our Bears Belong In Buffalo

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    As our community service project, we organized a fund raising campaign to raise money for the Buffalo Zoo to help keep our polar bears in Buffalo.  For more than a century, the polar bears have been the most popular animals at the Buffalo Zoo.  Due to new laws, the zoo needs to build a new habitat for our polar bears in order to keep them at our zoo.  The total cost of this project is 18 million dollars.  The zoo has already raised 14 million towards the project but they still need to raise 4 million before they can start building the new habitat.  This is where the students and faculty of Futures’ Academy comes in! 


    Futures Academy collected a total of $395.08 for the Buffalo Zoo's Our Bears Belong in Buffalo Fund!  Thank you to all the students, families, and faculty members that made donations to help the Buffalo Zoo keep our bears in Buffalo!