Lesson 1.3

  • Lesson 1.3 Citing Resources

    In this lesson students will...  
    Tell where they got their information

    • Open the Note taking document from the previous lessons
    • Copy the paraphrase to the third box under the question
    • Add a citation to each text you paraphrased to include the author, title, with paragraph number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.
    • When you are finished, save your work to your device or your H drive. 
    • Go to the File Upload Page for your school and upload your work to hand it in

    Note: An example of a high school level citation (MLA Format)- would be:
    Can you tell what the information might mean??

    Make sure that your file is named using this convention:
    homeroom lesson number first name last initial 

    My file for lesson 3 would be named this way: