On September 9, 2009 our students will begin another year of learning.  We will all return to the renovated and reconstructed School #43 at 161 Benzinger Street.  There has been an entire three story addition built on the southern end of the school and we have added 23 new classrooms.  Each Kindergarten and Prekindergarten classroom will have a bathroom in the classroom.  We have three new science labs, “Activ” Boards for enhanced instruction, computers in every classroom and brand new furniture.

    When we return to School #43 in September, there will be a New Main Entrance to the building on Benzinger Street through the new addition.  The Main Office is also now in the new addition right by the Main Entrance.  Students will all enter the building through the new main entrance and will also be dismissed through that entrance.

    Over the summer the BPS Transportation Department will be mailing letters for bus assignments.  That department can be contacted at 828-4895.  If your address has or changed or will change it is critical that you inform Transportation as soon as possible.

    The process of reconstruction and our being temporarily at School #71 has been exciting and challenging.  The incredible support given by our families, staff  and students have made the experience successful and enjoyable.


    A significant element in the reconstruction of School #43 has been the creation of a 21st Century environment for learning.  The “Activ” Board in each room is a full class computer display that will bring all of the internet and other curriculum resources right to the front of the classroom.  The classroom “Activ” Board is the actual computer display.  The teacher and the class can then interact with what is being displayed by using a special pen to write on the board.  This feature is combined with five computers in every classroom and high bandwidth connection throughout the building, will give our students the rich learning experience necessary to compete in the 21st Century job market.

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