School #43 History

  • Significant Dates

    1880 –

    Joseph Churchyard funded and established a school on Gold Street that was known as the “Churchyard School

    1892 –

    The school was purchased by the city and made an annex to School 25. 

    1892 –

    District School No. 43 was created at the site on Gold Street.

    1898 –

    The building at East Lovejoy Avenue and Gold Street was opened

    September, 1925

    An addition to the school was opened on the corner of East Lovejoy Avenue and Benzinger Street.


    Frederick Fisher, Principal for 40 years, retired.

    1980 –

    Passive Park was build on the front lawn of the school

    June, 2005 –

    The Board of Education motioned for a conversion to a prekindergarten to sixth grade Discovery Academy of Fine Arts

    September, 2006 –

    The population of #43 Academy was expanded to Prekindergarten to eighth grade

    March, 2008 –

    The entire population was relocated to School #71

    September, 2009 –

    The school population will return to the location at East Lovejoy Avenue and Benzinger Street.