How Parents Can Can Get Involved

  • Working in partnership with District parents and the local community is one of the most important components leading to student academic achievement. Participating in and attending school events are two means by which parents may enhance their child's education. The following are just some suggestions for how parents may become involved in schools. 

    Younger Children

    • Be a class reader. Read to the whole class of children or to individual children who need more support.
    • Work as a center/lab helper. Supporting hands-on activities like science and art.
    • Offer to tutor. Providing individualized assistance for students who require extra help. 
    • Volunteer as class parent. If you're able to frequently volunteer, class parent may be a fantastic opportunity for the teacher and students! 

    Older Children

    • Assist with a special interest club or drama group. Many schools offer a variety of extra-curricular activities.
    • Speak to classes about your career or special expertise. One of the most important gifts to provide a child is the gift of inspiration. Consider sharing information with our students regarding your profession or other career opportunities.
    • Work as library assistant. Helping kids discover books they love or research topics they're excited about can be a really rewarding experience for parents.
    • Volunteer to help with sports programs. Keeping kids active is critical to their physical and emotional health.