Parents' Guide

  • Quick Reference Guide to Science Class Success! 

    1.  Be Prepared:

    Each student is expected to come to class prepared every day. They should have the following materials with them every day: 3-pronged folder, pencil or pen, and their homework. 

    There are no hard cover textbooks passed out. The only text students receive is a Reading Essentials workbook. (7th grade= blue, 8th grade= green). 

    2.  Grading Procedures:

    The grade will reflect what your child knows and understands in science, as well as their level of effort. A final average will be based on the following:

    a.    Unit Tests and Projects: 40%

    b.    Quizzes: 15%

    c.    Homework: 10%

    d.    Labs and Activities: 25%

    e.    Participation: 10%

    Please use Infinite Campus to track and monitor your child's grades. 

    3. Returning from an absence: 

    All materials and handouts are available in the front of the classroom. Upon your child's return, please remind them to get the work they missed. One additional day for homework is given. 

    4.  Homework Policy:

    a.   There will be homework assigned about three times a week. It is expected that all assignments will be completed with effort and be ready to hand in at the beginning of the next class period.

    b.  Every Monday, the assignments for the week will be written on the homework board-- your child's agenda should have the week's outlook on MONDAYS!

    c.   Late assignments will only receive partial credit. Late homework will not be accepted after the Friday it is assigned.

    d.    Homework will be graded on the following scale: (3) completed satisfactorily; (2) completed but did not receive full credit; (1) handed in but incomplete and/or incorrect. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!