• Reading
    Our goal is to prepare our students for the adventure of life long reading and writing.  We use Harcourt Reading Program which is fun interesting, challenging and exciting!!

    Some aspects of our reading block includes:

    Shared Reading: A way we read books together.

    Guided Reading: This is when we read in small groups to focus on reading strategies.

    Read Aloud:  As opportunity to foster students love of many types of literature

    Writing:  The children write everyday in their writing journal.  Here we work on letter formation, punctuation, pictures, building words and writing a complete simple sentence.

    Learning Areas:  We have developed rotational system consisting of 7 center areas for the children to work independently with in a small group setting.

      -Letters and Sounds:  Students will work on the letter of the week, reviewing the formation the sound and even writing words that begin with that sound.

      -Listening:  Students will listen and respond to a story.

      -Writing:  Students will fill in a sentence stater and then begin to build their own sentences.

      -Work Work:  Students will review the letter of the week by drawing and labeling 4 pictures that begin with that letter.  Cut, paste, write sight word review.

      -Surprise:  This is our fun, crafty area where students will be able to make a craft that begins with the letter of the week.

      -Reading:  Students will read independently or within their group the decodable book and complete their reading log.
      -Computers:  Students will get a chance to go on the classroom computers and explore websites.