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    I’d like everyone to look at the image below. It is a visual representation of a concept called, The Circle of Courage. When you have a chance, take a look at it. Think about what it might mean and let’s discuss.

    Circle of Courage

    Belonging:  When one feels wanted and accepted. Wanting to be where you are—in our case, let’s say this is school. This leads to building a sense of community. The ultimate test of community is behavior. You belong if you act like you belong and treat others like they belong.
    Mastery:  This happens when one feels competent in what they are asked to do. Mastery must be achieved through dedication and work. Also, mastery must be experienced if one is to feel the motivation to achieve further. To achieve mastery, it is very important to acknowledge the achievements of others and accept praise without developing arrogance or conceit.
    Independence:  The ability to work, accomplish, and create on one’s own. The ability to start assignments and projects without being reminded or nagged. This requires self-motivation and becomes easier once mastery is achieved.
    Generosity:  Understanding that it is extremely important to share your ideas, materials, and feelings with others. This is important for others, the community, and oneself. To share oneself with others is a powerful act and combats selfish and conceited behavior.
    Reaching all four of these goals will make for a complete circle. This will help you be the best person you can be. Lacking any of the four, means the circle is broken and should be mended through your work and the help of others.

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