Student Expectations


    1. Be respectful and hurt no one
    2. Take care of materials and surroundings
    3. Follow directions
    4. Be prepared
    5. Do your work


    We at School #43 have PRIDE both in school and in life. I will:
    • Participate in school,
    • be Responsible,
    • show Integrity,
    • be Dedicated,
    • and strive for Excellence.

    The mandatory dress requirements are as follows:
    • no head gear of any kind, including all hoods, hats, caps, scarves, and bandanas
    • no revealing garments, exposed midriff, exposed undergarments or skirts more than two
    inches above the knee
    • all shirts will be tucked in and belts worn
    • no writing or images that are directly or indirectly lewd, vulgar, obscene, insulting or that
    promote illegal or violent activities
    • no pants with writing on them anywhere
    • no coats, sweatshirts with hoods or pockets, jackets of any kind or gloves
    • no open toe or heel shoes

    Lovejoy Discovery School #43 adheres to the Buffalo Board of Education Code of Conduct.
    1. Students are expected to arrive on time each day. Any student arriving after 9:25 AM is
    considered tardy.
    2. Students are to be prepared for class each day. This included books, homework, paper,
    pen/pencils, and gym clothes.
    3. Students will not fight or act in any way that causes physical harm to another person.
    4. Students will not threaten or harass another student explicitly or implicitly.
    5. Students will not steal or in any way damage another person’s property.
    6. Student will not use language (oral or written) that is obscene, lewd, profane, vulgar or
    7. Cards, dice, toys, electronic devices, etc. are not allowed on school property. These
    items will be taken away from the student if brought to school.
    8. Cell phones are never to be outside of the student’s locker and will be off during school
    hours. Cell phones will be taken away from the student if they are outside his/her locker.
    9. Any firearm, knife, mace or other weapon will not be brought onto school property or
    carried in transit to school. Violators will be disciplined according to the Buffalo Public
    Schools Code of Conduct and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    10. Jewelry or any other item that school officials determine can be used as a weapon will be
    removed at the direction of school personnel.
    11. Drugs, alcohol or tobacco will not be possessed on school property. Violators will be
    disciplined according to the Buffalo Public Schools Code of Conduct and prosecuted to
    the fullest extent of the law.
    12. Chewing gum, eating candy, eating any snack or having it in their possession during the
    school day is not permitted. Soda and glass bottles of any kind are not permitted in the
    school. Students may only eat in the cafeteria.
    13. Hall passes are to be visible whenever students leave the classroom (for example: to the
    lavatory, office, library, etc.). Students are not to be at their locker, even with a pass.
    13. During change of classes, students walk quietly, in a line to their next class, escorted by
    their teacher.

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