Department Responsibilities


    Christine Barrile x3539
    Engineers, Tradesmen, BTF Sick Bank, 30 day Extension, and NYS Loan & Arrear deductions for employee retirement.

    LaShandra Butler x3661
    Empcenter, Pay Cards, Extra activity, Workers Compensation, Accruals for all employees, and Office coordination.

    Joseph Nwaogwugwu x4543
    Locations 187 - 301 (All Staff) and Garnishments for all employees.

    Chenelle Peoples x4100
    Schools 302 - 415 (All Staff) and City Hall, Wage/Income Verification Reports, and Loan deductions for NYS teacher retirement.

    Margaret Strasner x3356
    Schools/Locations 61 - 156 (All Staff).

    Christnell Williams x3662

    Schools/Locations 003 through 59 (All staff), NYS and Federal Withholdings, and Union Dues Deductions.

    For all other inquiries or if a specific contact is not available, please call x3538.