Department Responsibilities

  • responsibility


  • Lynn Greene (ext. 3539)

    City Hall Offices, Service Center, Tradesmen, Extra Activity, Union dues deduction forms


    Joseph Nwaogwugwu (ext. 4543)

    Schools 192-301 (all staff), Garnishments


    Margaret Strasner (ext. 3356)

    Schools 3-156 (all staff) and schools 304-366 (all staff), Direct Deposit requests, Skylight Paycards, Wage Verifications, Federal Withholdings (W-4), State Withholdings (IT-2104), 


    Christnell Williams (ext. 3662)

    Leave of absences, Out-of-Title Pay, NYS Teachers Retirement Loans, replacement checks/indemnification forms

  • For all other inquires or if a specific contact is not available, please call 716-816-3538 or e-mail