My Homework

  • Homework is a very important part of education. 
     Homework is a chance to practice 
    the strategies and skills learned in class. 

    In 5th grade it is expected that students read for 30-60 minutes 
    and practice math facts for 5-10 minutes daily...even on the weekends!

    When a book is completed the story elements are recorded in a 
    graphic organizer and the title of the book is recorded in the student's book log. 
    25 independent books is the goal for every child! 

    Responding to the Poem of the week is done with 3 separate assignments a week. 
    Page 1: Illustrate the picture in your mind as the poem is read.
    Page 2: Copy the poem in your best handwriting.
    Page 3: Respond to the poem in a well written paragraph stating your connections, feelings and reactions to the poem.

    Writing prompts, Science and Social Studies assignments will occasionally be sent home for homework also.