Black History Project

  • February is the month to honor African Americans and the contributions they have made to America.  During this month we will be discussing famous African Americans from the past and the present.  These people have made contributions is Science, Social Studies, Literature and Mathematics. 

    You will be given the names of famous African Americans to choose from and you will chose a person to research and write an essay on.  You will include a picture of the person, which can be an image from the internet or an illustration of your own.  

    The essay will be at least 4 paragraphs and follow this format:

    Paragraph 1: Introduction -  Background
    Key idea 1: Name, birth & death date, where are they from
    key Idea 2: Childhood & Family life

    Paragraph 2: What are they famous for
    Key idea 1: What did they do?
    Key idea 2: Why was it important?

    Paragraph 3: Impact they have made
    Key idea 1: What was the impact on society?
    Key idea 2: What is the impact on you?

    Paragraph 4: Conclusion - Summarize