HIV/Aids Parent Opt-Out Letter

  •  Parent Opt-out Letters-HIV/AIDS Instruction
    Your son or daughter is taking Health Education this year. Health is a required course in both middle school and high school. Part of the Health Education Curriculum is teaching Healthy Sexuality, Sexual Risk and HIV Prevention Education. Our health curriculum resource, HealthSmart, high school evidence-based resource, Reducing the Risk, and middle school evidence-based resources, Be Proud! Be Responsible!, sexual risk prevention resource, have been closely reviewed and recommended by District staff, parents and community partners. All curricula resources have been approved by Buffalo Public School’s Board of Education and school community Whole Child Health Education and Sexual Health Committee.

    You are invited to contact your son or daughter’s health teacher and make an appointment to review the curriculum and resources being used. Buffalo Public Schools believes that with this health curriculum our students will make informed health decisions leading to a healthy lifestyle and academic success. Since 2011, we have seen improvement of BPS Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data showing that students are making better health, including sexual health decisions as a result of the new curriculum, resources and instruction in health education. 

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