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Online Reference Sites:
MES English
World Book Online


website full of area activities for early literacy students, as well as older students in need of intervention

check students progress monitoring as well as take a deeper look into individual student's benchmark history (this year and last year's data) to see what areas students may need more help with

Harcourt Publishers ... check out the learning site- for additional materials and ideas to encorporate during the 90 minute reading block

Related Files

    xls Teacher Grade Book (xls file - 74kb)
    For teachers wanting to keep track of their student's grades. Running total and an automatic average, Very easy to use.

    xls Student Data Sheet (xls file - 18kb)
    This download will assist you in managing all your student's data in one spreadsheet.

    xls Student Track Sheet (xls file - 17kb)
    This is a customizable spreadsheet for teachers to keep track of your student's attendance, homework and classroom assignments, and much more.

Related Links

  • Cybersmart!
    CyberSmart! helps educators gain the 21st Century Skills needed to safely and responsibly harness the Internet's potential.

  • Voyager Learning
    Access to the pacing plan for passport, tips of the week, print decodable books, mustdo maydo activities, and even letters for parents in both Spanish and English.

  • Harcourt Schools
    Harcourt Publishers ... check out the learning site- for additional materials and ideas to incorporate during the 90 minute reading blocks.




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