Black History Project

  • Black History Project


    February is the month to honor African Americans and the contributions they have made to America.  During the month, we will be discussing famous African American from the past and the present.  For this project, we will be discussing important African Americans in the content areas of Science, Social Studies, Literature, and Mathematics. 

    You will be given a list of the names of famous African Americans who have made an impact on our society.  You must include a picture of the person.  The picture can come from the internet or an illustration.  The essay must be at least one page and it can either be typed or hand written. ALL WRITING MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS! Please be as neat as possible.  

    Include the following information:

    Paragraph 1

    o   Name of the person

    o   Where and when were they born, died, or still living?

    o   What are they famous for? 

    o   Three facts about their childhood/family. 

    Paragraph 2

    o   Describe why this person is so important and give at least 4 supporting details. 

    Paragraph 3

    o   Describe how this person has made an important impact on our society today. 

    o   What did he/she do & how does it affect us still today? 

    o   Include supporting details. 

    Paragraph 4

    o   Conclusion

    o   Summarize the life and accomplishments of the person you choose. 

    Enjoy Researching!

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