Classroom News

  • Whew!! It's hard to believe the first ten weeks of school are already behind us. The students have been working hard and beginning to flourish academically. Please keep in mind that participation at home from families greatly improves your child's success in the classroom. Listed below are skills that can be reinforced at home.


    During the upcoming weeks - The students will be learning about the four seasons, a more in depth study of Winter and Hibernation.

    Basic skills the we will be focusing on are that can be reviewed at home are:
    •  name recognition, spelling and writing first names.
    •  speaking in complete sentences
    •  simple rhyming words
    •  Reviewing previously learned letters: S, T, O, P


    During the next upcoming weeks we will continue are studies of grouping objects to find out which group has more or less, counting from 1-20+, naming and describing shapes and reading numbers.

    Basic skills that can be reviewed at home are:
    • counting orally from 1-20+
    • counting out objects from 1-5 or from 1-10 if capable
    • recognizing/ reading numbers 1-10
    • naming basic shapes