• Our HOMEWORK SHEET that is important for many reasons.

    1)     It tells you what kind of day your child had in school.

                (2 J = no reminders or a perfect day ALSO: 10 J = Friday Lunch Club AND Prize Box!!!!!

                (1 J = 1 or 2 reminders or a good day)

                (L = I need to think about it day with consequences)

    2)    It shows your child’s HOMEWORK for that day.

    3)    It provides a place for us to briefly communicate with each other.

    4)    We also collect them as a means of tracking behavior throughout the year.

    The HOMEWORK SHEET must be viewed, signed and returned EVERY SCHOOL DAY.

                (YES, even on weekends, the consistency is crucial). 

                              WE COLLECT THEM ON MONDAYS!!!