NOUVELLES DE MADAME GRASSO - Mrs. Grasso's classroom news

  • 2019-2020

    Bienvenue.  You have reached the homepage of Madame GRASSO.  I am a French teacher at Olmsted School 156.

    General Information:  World Languages

    Grade 5/6 French is an expository course in French.  Students will be introduced to basic communicative words and phrases as well as food, music , geography and other cultural components.  These classes only meet two days per six day cycle.

    Grade 7 French meets everyday and is a prerequisite for the Grade 8/French I accelerated program.

    French I  (or Spanish I) are required for  students wishing to obtain a Regent's diploma.   Students are required to pass the course and the  New York State FLACS Checkpoint A Exam administerd each June        
    Students who are obtaining an Advanced Regents Diploma may choose French as a sequence and will be required to pass the second and third levels in their selected language.

    Student Help Links

    www.super new french websites