Varsity Softball - Olmsted Owls Girls Varsity Fastpitch Softball

  • This section of my website is dedicated exclusively to the Olmsted Owls Girls Varsity Softball team.

    Students cannot participate in tryout without a physical on record.

    Procedure for practices

    Students must report to practices at the scheduled time.

    Early practices start immediately after school, report to the gym by 2:35.

    Late practices start at 4 pm.  STUDENTS MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING AT 2:35 AND RETURN AT

    4 PM.

    Our season starts on Tuesday, April 5th versus Bennett High School at Shoshone 3.  All games will either be at Shoshone or at Houghton.  All games start at 4:15 pm.

    Please click on My Calendar to see the complete practice schedule and the full season game schedule with times and location as well as our opponents.

    Procedure for games

    At the end of the school day, 2:35,  get dressed for the game, and bring your equipment to room 309.

    At 2:50 the team walks down to the first floor side door behind the cafeteria with all the equipment for the game.  The bus should arrive around 2:55.  All players are expected to ride the bus to the game.

    After the games all players are expected to ride the bus back to school.  Parents can pick up their children at school or they may take them home from the game.  When players are being picked up from a game, the player and/or the parent must notify the coach.

    On Friday April 15, 2016 we played and won our first game by defeating Performing Arts by a score of 29 to 4. 


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