Math in Movies

  • Mathematics is everywhere!!!


    Middle school

    Into the Spiderverse - probability


    Bart Simpson solves a math problem at the learning center.



    Doc Brown: Clara was one in a million, one in a billion, one in a googolplex.



    How to get 8 hotdogs and 8 hotdog buns if hotdog buns are bundled in 12.



    Abbott and Costello do a Calculation trick to show that 7*13 = 28


    Donald learns the Math of Billiards



    Joe can paint the house in a=5 hours, Sam can paint the house in b=3 hours. How much time do they need if the paint it together?


    High School


    Homer enters a 3D world with different mathematical topics.


    Spider-man: No Way Home -   mirror geometry and topological deformations. Also, an Archimedian spiral appears. 


    Indiana Jones: Blackboard with some physics formulas



    The scare crow theorem: in an isoscele triangle, the sum of the square roots of two sides is the square root of the third side.


    Using statistics to find location of criminal and the odds to win the lottery.



    All movie clips and descriptions thanks to Mathematics in Movies.