Classroom and Grading Policies

  • Classroom Policies and Procedures:


    Students are expected to be in class and prepared with text,notebook and pen and laptop when needed.

    Excessive absences will result in parent notification.


    Students who are late to class must have a tardy pass for admittance.

    Students who are late to a test have the rest of that period to finish the test. No extra time will be given unless the student has an IEP.


    Grading Policies:

    A students' grade is the average of assessments performed. Homework is given to review and reinforce. It is not counted as a separate grade but is foundational for  success.

      Unannounced quizzes are given at random as a "check-up".

    Missed assignments are accepted one day late ; exceptions will be considered for severe illness,bereavement or other serious matters. Students are encouraged to e-mail me if they are missing class and I will send work or a power point if possible.

    Extra credit is not assigned or accepted as replacement for missed tests or to raise a failing/low average.

    Evidence of cheating invalidates the test.  No retest is given in the case of cheating.

    Cheating is defined as using materials i.e. cell phone or notes to obtain answers...or verbal or written communication with another student during the test time.

    If absenteeism results in a student having less than 5 grades to average , a cumulative test of missed material wil be given and the grade averaged in.


    Please feel free to contact me through district e-mail.