Regents US 11 syllabus/course outline

  • RUSH …Regents U.S. History and Government   Text: America :Pathways to the Present/Pearson                     


     Course Description: This course is designed to give you an understanding of the people and events that shaped America.


    Quarter I  Units 1,2  1600-1820

     Essential Question:

    -         How did the European conquest of North America transform indigenous civilizations, institutionalize African slavery, and ultimately lead to an independent and democratic United States?


    1. Indigenous People of North America

    2. Three Worlds Converge

    3. Colonial Development

    4. American Revolution

    5. Foundations of the American Government and Nation



    Quarter II  Units 3,4  1820-1877

     Essential Question:

    -         In what ways was the Civil War inevitable?


    6. Westward Expansion

    7. Innovations and Inventions

    8. Early Reform Movements

    9. Causes of the Civil War

    10. Civil War and Reconstruction




    Quarter III   Units 5,6,7  1877-1939

     Essential Question:

    -         What role did industrial capitalism play in American life and in the United States’ rise as a world power?


    11. Industrialization and Immigration

    12. Imperialism and World War I

    13. The Twenties and Thirties




    Quarter IV   Units 8,9,10   1939-present

     Essential Question:

    -         How have postwar social, political, and economic forces changed the United States internally and in its relationships with the rest of the world?


    14. World War II

    15. The Cold War Era

    16. The Rights Revolution

    17. Vietnam and its Aftermath

    18. Contemporary America