Anatomy & Physiology


    Course number:             

    Developmental Level:     grades 10-12 

    Length of course:             one full year

    Credit:                                one credit

    Prerequisite:             The Living Environment (Biology) recommended

    Pacing guide:             Anatomy and Physiology


     Laboratory experiences with satisfactory lab reports are required but can be embedded into the five-forty minute periods per week of classroom instructional seating time.

    Total seat time=200 minutes per week




    This program challenges students to learn more about, and to gain an appreciation for, the human body. Through the study of the essential questions for Anatomy and Physiology, students will utilize critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Applying principles of the scientific method, students will be presented with a variety of activities designed to improve reading, writing, listening, and higher order thinking skills. Along with the explanation of individual body systems, students will examine the interdependency of systems in the human body. Students will be encouraged to develop appropriate personal values regarding the care of their own bodies. Students will also be exposed to career options in the anatomy and physiology fields, as applicable throughout the course, and focus on how science and technology converge.



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