Incentive Program Guidelines

  •  PBIS Incentive Program Guidelines

    •  ALL staff receives “PBIS” tickets to distribute to any student, at any time, which they observe following the ECC #61 School –Wide Rules.
    •  Students may earn as many tickets as possible, from any staff member, on a daily basis.
    • - Students write their name, homeroom, and grade level on raffle tickets that they earn daily for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly prizes.
    •  Quarterly Basket Drawing – All quarter long, teachers give their students the opportunity to place any tickets they have earned in any of the FIVE ticket collection boxes next to the Basket they would like to try to win. At the end of each 10-week marking period, one student is picked from each collection box to win a basket.  Students are encouraged to earn as many tickets as possible in order to increase their chances of winning a basket.

    •  Every quarter, five NEW baskets, displayed in our school lobby, are donated by our school staff, for our students to try to win!
    • Quarterly tickets will all be collected and saved. If our school reaches a predetermined goal number of tickets by the end of the year, a school-wide PBIS celebration will take place in June!
    •  We encourage ALL Teachers, TA’s, Aides, staff, etc. to reward students with tickets with the intentions of reinforcing Positive Behavior.
    • - As you reward your student, please share with them the reason why you have you have rewarded them.  For example, “Sam great job keeping your hands to yourself and using a zero voice level in the hall”.  Please refer to our matrix in the hallways and in the classrooms. Continue to identify, teach and reinforce positive behavior!