Student Expectations

  • Student Expectations

    At Olmsted, we have high expectations for student behavior and
    learning. Here are our expectations for students:

    We do our best.
    We start our work right away.
    •    We work quietly without distracting others.
    •    We stay seated.
    •    We complete homework and class work and
          hand it in.

    We respect others.
    We respect other people’s property.
    •    We do not fight with others.
    •    We do not take anything that is not ours.
    •    We do not make fun of others.

    We speak and listen politely.
    We raise our hand and wait to be called on to speak.
    •    We do not shout out answers.
    •    We do not talk back to the teacher.
    •    We use 1 inch voices at all times.

    We are nice to others.
    We use nice words with everyone.
    •    We help others.
    •    We are friends with everyone.

    We move safely in school.
    We walk quietly in the hallways.
    •    We do not touch anything in the hallways.
    •    We do not fool around in the bathroom.

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