Parent Handbook - How To Help Your Child Read And Write!

    Dear Parents/ Guardians,

    Congratulations! You have a very curious son or daughter who wants to learn how to read and write and you can teach him or her!  It’s easy. Just talk to him or her, ask questions, add to what your son or daughter says, read a lot of books, tell a lot of stories, point to words while you read, point out letters wherever you are and let your child see you reading!

    More importantly, you can teach him or her in your own language (Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Swahili, Korean, etc.)!  Being able to understand, speak, and recognize sounds and letters in your language will help your child learn English! For example, if you teach your child about animals in your language, all I have to do is help him or her learn the words for these animals in English! We can be a team. You can do so much to help your son or daughter learn!

    Isn’t that exciting?

    In this handbook you will find out how you can help. Enjoy and have fun helping your son or daughter learn how to read and write!
                            Miss Smith

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