Book Knowledge

  • Book Knowledge

    Read to your child (in your own language!)
    Read a book to your child every day. Read before bed! Have them “play read” a story to you that you have read many times. Your child can point and tell you the story!

    Hold you child while you read
    Have your child sit on your lap and put your arms around them. Your child can hold the book and help turn the pages!

    Talk about and point to the pictures
    Ask your child to use the pictures to help understand the story.

    Point to the words
    Point your finger under the words as you read them.  Explain that there are spaces between words.

    Have a lot of books in your house
    Make sure that your child can see books, magazines, newspaper, or posters with print. Go to garage sales or the library!

    Point out the parts of a book
    Point to the cover and talk about the picture. Look at the page numbers. Tell your child who the author and illustrator are.