Sound Knowledge - Sing and Talk!

  • Sound Knowledge

    Sing songs with rhymes
    Songs, rhyming games and nursery rhymes will help children hear the way words sound.

    Talk about words and sounds

    Even at the grocery store you can ask your child if two words have the same beginning sound. For example, pie and pumpkin, or pie and tomato in English.

    Hear differences in similar words
    Cut out pictures from magazines of similar sounding words (fan-van) and glue them to a piece of paper. Have your child point to the picture you say.

    Play with your child’s name
    Say the sounds in your child’s name. Ask your child to say words that begin with the same sound.

    Clap your child’s name
    Separate the different parts of your child’s name (Syllables) and clap them. For example, I would clap “Jonathan” as “Jon-a-than”, or three claps!

    Say tongue twisters!
    Tongue twisters are a fun way for children to practice sounds:
    English: “She sells sea shells by the seas shore.”
    Spanish: “Cuando cuentes cuentos
    cuenta cuántos cuentas,
    porque cuando cuentas cuentos,
    nunca sabes cuántos cuentos cuentas.”

    Talk about punctuation
    Use different voices for different characters. Speak differently each time a character is sad, angry or happy. Tell your child that you must pause at the end of a sentence.