Writing Knowledge - Different forms of Writing

  • Writing Knowledge

    Label objects
    • Play a game with body parts: “Where is your nose?”, “Where is your arm?”

    • Talk about what your child is doing: “Destiny is on the swing”

    • Label pictures in magazines and books

    Talk about why you write
    Tell your child that you need to write for grocery lists, thank you notes, birthday cards, and notes to a family member.

    Have writing material ready
    Find a box and fill it with crayons, pencils, markers, pens, lined paper, plain white paper, construction paper, scrap paper and books.

    Share writing with your child
    Whenever you need to write a grocery list, have your child help you think of a list and then show them as you write the words.

    Have your child “play write” while you write
    If you need to write a letter to a friend, have your child “write” using the same format. Even if they are scribbles, a child can see that the format is one word is at the beginning of a letter with a comma!