Alphabet Knowledge - Practicing the letters is not only for Kindergarten!

  • Alphabet Knowledge

    Point out and say name of letters
    Whenever you see a letter, point it out and say its name. No matter what language you use, children will learn that each letter has a different name! Soon they will point as well!

    Sing an alphabet song

    Buy or make alphabet letters
    Many stores have alphabet blocks or plastic letters you can buy. Try the Dollar Store! You can also make letters from play-dough or cut them from construction paper.

    Teach the alphabet
    Use the alphabet letters you bought or made and teach four letters a day. Start with the first letter of your child’s name!

    Here’s how:

    o    Draw each letter on a piece of paper like an arc
    o    Have your child place each letter on correct spot on paper
    o    Name about four a day
    o    Have your child say the letter as they put it on paper
    o    Do this every day!