School Supply List

  • Grade 3 Supply List

    The following is a general list of supplies needed for the 3rd grade classes at

    Frederick Law Olmsted School #64.


                                  3rd Grade SUPPLIES

    -         $20 cash (exact change, please) to cover combined cost of: cursive writing, 3rd Grade Planner, extra will go toward field trips. May need more throughout the year.

    -         One backpack large enough to hold lunchbox, folders, sneakers and other items that are carried to and from school daily (NO WHEELED BACKPACKS, please. They do not fit in lockers)

    -         8 separate marble composition notebooks  - IF POSSIBLE GET DIFFERENT COLORS - (NO SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOKS)

    -         8 sturdy pocket folders with prongs - IF POSSIBLE GET DIFFERENT COLORS – Plastic ones last longer (NO THREE-RING BINDERS)

    -         One pair of school scissors

    -         One box of crayons and/or colored pencils

    -         One SOFT zipper pencil case (NO HARD CASES)

    -         3 or more glue sticks (no liquid glue bottles)

    -         Two dozen sharpened #2 pencils with erasers (to be replenished throughout the year)

    -         2 packs of wide-rule, loose-leaf paper

    -         3 large boxes of tissue 

    • Whiteboard wipe off markers
    • One box zipper lock baggies
    • One pack of indexs card
    • One container of sanitizer wipes
    • OPTIONAL and appreciated: Hand Sanitizer, napkins, etc.

    Keep at Home:

    -         Dictionary

    -         Poster board (for class projects)

    -         Extra pencils 


    *Please do not purchase Trapper Keepers or 3 ring-binders because they do not fit in our small desks.  Also, spiral notebooks unwind and are not safe. NO LOCKS FOR LOCKER PLEASE

    ** Additional supplies may be requested for special area classes.


    Thank you for your support and cooperation