Holidays and other Celebrations

  • Holidays and other Celebrations


    Celebrations are a part of any young child's life at school.  All birthdays are celebrated in class as well as major holidays.  Be sure to check school newsletters and web site for special event information.  If you do not want your child to participate for any reason, please let me know and I will make necessary arrangements.


    We will celebrate birthdays on the closest school day to your child's birthday.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.  Check the Classroom Birthday link for your child's special day. 

    Treats - On your child's celebration day please send in a STORE BOUGHT treat.  All treats for the class must be in a sealed store bought package.  This helps provide information for children with allergies and it prevents tampering of food.  

    Number of Students - We currently have 25 children in our class.  Please remember to send napkins on your celebration day.  Thank you.

    Invitations - When sending invitations for a home party you can borrow our class phone book for addresses.  Please do not sent invitations to school for your child to pass out unless you are inviting every child in the class.