Mystery Readers

  • Mystery Readers

    Mystery Readers will visit our class to share a picture book, and make some wonderful memories!  Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends are all welcomed to be the Mystery Readers.

    I invite readers in every Friday at 12:15 into our classroom.  If this time does not work for you we can be very flexible.  Just contact me and we can choose a better time or day that works best for you. 

    Please choose your own favorite picture books (1 to 2) to share with the children.  You will have about 30 minutes to share stories.  It is fun to bring in a craft, activity and/or snack to go along with the book(s), but by no means necessary. 


    We hope you will consider be a mystery reader and share YOUR love of reading with our First graders!