• We use a hands-on and conceptually based math modules provided by EngageNY
    Click on below links to find module printables and videos to assist with learning.
    ∙Whole group- fluency practice and objective
    ∙Guided Practice - students work with manipulatives and/or pictures
    ∙Independent Practice – students choose strategy that helps them.


    Concepts Taught
    Addition 5 + ___ = 8, 5+2 = 4+1 True or False
    Subtraction whole/part/part Whole 7, part 2, __part
    Numbers to 120, Place value
    Adding and subtracting tens and ones
    Time, Measurement and Data, Geometry, Fractions, Money


    *Students need to be fluent adding and subtracting within 10.
    *Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child.
    Addional Websites to reinforce learning