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    Advanced Placement Program
    Advanced Placement [AP] courses provide BPS students with  rigorous, college level coursework and the opportunity to gain college credits while still in high school. Seven AP Social Studies courses are currently offered in BPS. More . . .
    Common Core Standards (CCS)
    Common Core Standards define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12  education careers so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses and in workforce training programs. More . . .
    Castle Learning
    Castle Learning Online supports classroom instruction through content-related review assignments, practice sessions and benchmark testing. Includes field-tested questions supported by defined vocabulary, reference tables, hints and reasons for correct answers in math, science, social studies, English and foreign languages.
    Classzone Book Finder
    McDougal Littell site. Select your state. Choose your textbook and access the text at home, online.
    The site offers high quality, kid friendly material that can be used help students do better on the Regents exams.
    Gale Databases
    Covering all core curriculum areas, including history, literature, science, social studies, and more, this portal provides a premium selection of reference material including thousands of full-text periodicals and newspapers, primary sources, creative works, e-books, video and audio clips as well as podcasts.
    NYS Senate
    Keep up to date with the NYS Senate by visiting this this multi-media website.
    Pearson Online Content
    The site offers access to student interactive texts, historical documents, DK World Desk Reference and much more.
    ThinkBright Lifelong Learning includes a television channel and an online service that supports and enhances the educational experiences of teachers, students, families, and adult learners throughout New York State .
    Additional Links for Parents
    This collection of recommended websites offers a variety of teaching and learning links as well as educational games, parenting sites and links to important information and agencies at both the state and national level.
    Elementary Resources
    Elementary Social Studies Help
    On the Web, students can explore faraway countries, discover the history of the world, learn about the U.S. government and even find ways to become more familiar with their own city or state. This collection of elementary social studies help resources includes some of the best sites for social studies students.
    Scott Foresman Social Studies
    Geared to the elementary student, the website, available in both English and Spanish, offers a social studies library, an online atlas, current events, as well as activites aligned to the classroom curriculum.
    Elementary Social Studies Resources at Home
    Parents can play an active role in the social studies education of their children with just a little help from the Web. Get inspiration for finding social studies resources at home that can enhance your child's life outside of the classroom. Ask your child’s teacher what the class is studying and supplement those subjects at home.
    Elementary School Social Studies
    The site offers Social Studies resources for parents, teachers and students.
    Middle School Resources
    Student Resources for Middle School Social Studies
    This website offers a collection of middle school social studies help resources, including some of the best grade level appropriate sites for students.
    Parent Resources for Middle School Social Studies
    In the middle grades, important social studies concepts include what it means to be a good citizen, what it means to be a member of your nation and culture, and how personal beliefs relate to the beliefs of others. This website can help parents play an active role in the social studies education of their children.
    Community Links in Middle School Social Studies
    History, geography and culture resources of all kinds can be found online. Whether you are a student looking for a way to help you remember the countries of the world, a teacher interested in engaging new lessons that can inspire your class, or a parent wanting to help your child understand important historical eras, you’ll find everything you need in the Middle School Social Studies Web guide.
    High School Resources
    Student Resources for High School Government
    Investigate your local and national government, find original documents written by historical figures and discover presidential biographies.
    Parent Resources for High School Government
    In high school, students broaden their ideas about citizenship as they learn the workings of their national and local governments. The parent resources for high school government can help you understand what your teens should be learning, and help you stay engaged in their education as they mature into productive members of society.
    Community Links in High School U.S. Government
    America’s federal, state and local governments affect nearly every aspect of our lives, and understanding how they work is important. Use this website to find engaging government resources for students, teachers and parents.
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