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    September 2016                                                                                                              Grade GT Room 114

    Welcome to GT and the 2016-2017 school year at Olmsted #64!


    Your child will learn and apply creative, critical and metacognitive (thinking about our thinking) skills in order to develop his/her strengths, talents and interests, primarily through Type II classes.


    Type II - Instructional techniques, methods, and materials which develop higher order thinking and feeling processes.  Classes (3 times a cycle) and activities promote critical, creative, divergent, problem solving, and reflective skills.  Self and teacher evaluations are given quarterly.

    Type I - Enrichment experiences and activities that involve topics and areas of study which interest the learner, and promote further personal exploration. 

    Type III - Individual, student-directed activities by which the learner becomes the investigator of a real problem or topic.  Interest level and commitment are the driving factors for success. The GT Resource teacher is merely a facilitator. 


    All students can benefit from high-end learning opportunities (academic rigor), individually and cooperatively, in a safe and positive environment.  Effort, responsibility, teamwork, and respect are necessary for success.  (Being prepared for class is vital for 4th graders:  GT notebook, GT folder, Homework Planner, pen/pencil, and assignments).

    4th Graders:  Any homework and/or projects that reinforce and enrich Type II units of study will be clearly stated, written on a “HOMEWORK” board, and recorded by students in their Homework Planner.  If absent, work may be obtained from me or a classmate, and is to be made-up in a timely fashion in order to receive full credit.  If an assignment is late due to a lack of commitment, it is reduced by one, full, rubric score per late class.  (A consistent lack of effort may result in the Revolving Door Policy.)


    In Type II classes, students earn grades based on assignments, conduct and participation:     

    4 =Exceeding Proficiency, 3 =Meeting Proficiency, 2 = Developing/Below Proficiency, 1 =Beginning or Experiencing Difficulty, 0 =No Work.  (Gr. 4 assessments may include projects and quizzes.)        Evaluations will be sent home every 10 weeks that share your child’s ability to adequately apply skills and appropriate behaviors.  Please read and discuss both sides carefully with your child.


    Please talk with your child about school, and review his/her Take Home folder (and Homework Planner in 4th grade) daily.  This is the best way for you to know about assignments and upcoming events.  It’s also a great way for parents and teachers to correspond.  For immediate questions or concerns, please call school or e-mail me.  I return messages ASAP.

    With collaboration and a growth mindset, we can make this an amazing year!  ~Imagine the possibilities!

    Ms. Valenti Barone                                                                         

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