My Homework



    Room 114


    Kinder: Any homework will be posted on Schoology that goes above and beyond Type II unit assignments.


    4th Graders:  Any homework and/or projects that reinforce and enrich Type II units of study will be clearly stated in Schoology.  (If in an actual classroom, homework will be written on a “HOMEWORK” board and recorded by students in their Homework Planner.)  If absent, work may be obtained from Schoology, me or a classmate, and is to be made-up in a timely fashion in order to receive full credit.  If an assignment is late due to a lack of commitment, it is reduced by one, full, rubric score per late class.  (A consistent lack of effort may result in the Revolving Door Policy.)


    Please talk with your child about school, and review his/her Schoology page (Take Home folder and Homework Planner in 4th grade) daily.  This is the best way for you to know about assignments and upcoming events.  It’s also a great way for parents and teachers to correspond.  For immediate questions or concerns, please send comments via the Reming App, email me or when in school call school (816-3420).  I return messages ASAP.