Homework Helper Sheet


    1.  Alphabetical Order/Orden alfabético

             Please write words are in a numbered list, do not skip lines.

                      Example:  gato, caballo, perro

             1.  caballo

             2. gato

             3. perrro

    2.  Sentences (for English and Spanish)

             Please create a complete sentence using one word from the spelling list (for a total of 10 ENG sentences or 8 SPA sentences).  Underline the spelling word.  Leave one blank line between sentences.

                      Example:  cat, horse, dog

             1.  The cat is black.


             2.  I saw a horse running in the field.


             3.  The dog ran in circles around the tall tree.


             *Helpful Spanish sentence starters:

                      Yo veo/I see                           Yo vi/I saw

                      Yo tengo/I have                           Me gusta/I like

                      Yo fui/I went                           Yo hice/I did or made        

                      Yo soy/I am (something permanent)

                      Yo estoy/I am (an action or characteristic that could                                              change)


    3.  4x each (4 veces)

             Please copy the Spelling words four times each.  Number each word, separate each repetition with a comma.

             Example:  gato, caballo, perro

             1.  gato, gato, gato, gato

             2.  caballo, caballo, caballo, caballo

             3.  perro, perro, perro, perro