3rg Grade Supply List

  • Grade 3 Dual Language Immersion Supply List
    Olmsted # 64
    Please note that the 2020-21 Supply List has been modified due to remote learning. Your appreciation and flexibility is greatly appreciated!  

    REMOTE Learning Supply List:

    • Personal dry-erase board
    • dry-erase marker and eraser (cloth or small towel will work)
    • 3 wide-ruled marble notebooks 
    • A quiet place to work and participate in synchronous learning
    • Pencils, crayons, colored pencils, scissors
    • 1 soft pencil case or container to hold above items
    • 1 pack of index cards
    • 1 sturdy pocket folder
    • 1 SPA-ENG dictionary as well as a Spanish-Spanish dictionary, if possible (Larouse)


    In-Person / hybrid Supply List         
    • $ 10 cash to cover combined cost of: cursive writing pad, BPS Student Daily Planner (amended from original supply list because of no field trips)
    • One backpack large enough to hold lunchbox, folders, sneakers and other items that are carried to and from school daily
    • 4 additional wide-ruled marble composition notebooks
    • 4 additional sturdy pocket folders with prongs
    One pair of school scissors
    One box of crayons and / or colored pencils
    One SOFT zipper pencil case
    • Two dozen sharpened # 2 pencils with erasers (to be replenished throughout the year) 
    2 packs of WIDE-RULE, loose-leaf paper
    1 pack of index cards, large or small
    • 2 large boxes of tissue
    • 1 container of Anti-bacterial wipes OR 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
    • 1 box “slider” Ziploc bags (any size)

    Keep at Home:
    • Dictionary 
    • Poster board (for class projects)
    • Extra pencils

    Please do NOT purchase the following:
    • Wheeled backpacks
    • Spiral bound notebooks
    • 3 ring binders (for school)

    Please note that items may be added or removed due to unforeseen varying classroom circumstances.  

    Thank you for your support!  

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