Student Support Team

  • Student Support Team /Committee on Special Education




    Frederick Law Olmsted #64



     Team Members


    Chairperson : Julie Fumanti -816-7427


    Social Worker: Mary Jo Gervase 816-3429 


    Psychologist: Bennie Kyle 816-7429 

    Family Support Specialist:  : 816- 1601

    Typist : Nancy Slazyk 816-3159


    A referral to SST might occur if one of these things affect your child in




    Difficulties understanding in class 

    Poor grades

    Multiple school suspensions

    Short attention span

    Excessive behavior or emotional problems affecting academics

     The SST will work to develop interventions to address these problems.

    A referral to the CSE might occur if SST interventions are unsuccessful.   

    A CSE referral will result in a comprehensive evaluation to help determine: 

    Are the poor grades and behaviors 

    The result of a bad attitude? 

    Laziness? Depression? 

    Home problems?  ADHD? 

    A disability in how they think learn or feel?

    The ultimate goal of the SST/CSE team is to provide educational success for all students.

    Feel Free to contact your SST/CSE with questions or concerns. 









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