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About Our School

  • Roosevelt Early Childhood Center #65

    Roosevelt Early Childhood Center #65 has a population of approximately 450 students. Our school's mission is to  provide standards-based instruction for all students using data-driven instruction which will provide our students with the academic tools necessary for a successful World Class Education.

    While establishing an enriched, caring, and safe environment, our school climate helps strengthen and prepare students to appreciate a culturally diverse society. Roosevelt ECC #65 also has a strong focus on teaching Reading and Language Arts across all disciplines. 

    Scientifically based research strategies continue to be used to design our staff's professional development. This type of professional development enables out teachers to use the latest research techniques within their lessons so all learners can learn to read well.

    Students within Roosevelt ECC #65 receive instruction that is based on data tailored to their specific needs and monitored to maximize academic growth.

    Roosevelt ECC #65's faculty and staff believe all children must graduate with the tools necessary to be successful in the middle grades.

    At Roosevelt Early Childhood Center, WE believe:

    1.         High expectations set by administration, staff, and students lead to success.

    2.         Everyone deserves to be prepared to compete in a culturally diverse society. 

    3.         Every individual needs a safe and productive environment that promotes learning.                   

    4.         Students need to be engaged in meaningful, authentic instruction.

    5.         Differentiated instruction meets the instructional needs of all learners.


    * Samples of the academic curriculum are available at the school. We offer an open door policy. Visitors are welcome during regular school hours, but appointments are needed for conferences.