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    Speech Sound Development by Approximate Age:
    • 3 year olds generally have mastered m, n, p, f, h and w sounds and are understood about 80% of the time.
    • By the age of 4 they should should develop b, d, k, g, f, and y (as in you, yuck or yes).
    • 4 year olds should be very intelligible in spontaneous speech.
    • At 4 1/2 there should be very few errors and/or substitutions of sounds.
    • 5-6 year olds should have their t, ng, r, and l
    • 7 year olds round out their sound bank with z, sh, ch, j (jump)and voiceless th (as in thin)
    • By age 8, voiced th (father), v, zh (measure), and s are mastered.
    please note that errors in r, s, and l are generally not addressed as deficient until the age of 8 unless other errors are present.

    5 Easy Ways To Help Your Child Speak More Clearly:
    • Be a good speech model. Always use your best speech and language skills.
    • Pronounce words clearly, slowly and correctly.
    • Look at your child when you talk to him/her.
    • Repeat new words and sounds over and over when talking to your child.
    • Praise your child when sounds are produced correctly.