Intro letter for Common Core math

  • Intro letter for Common Core Math

     Dear Parents and Guardians,

    This school year is off to a great start. Our students are getting right into routine in preparation for a successful school year. This school year is a challenging year for our fourth graders as they have several state standardized tests that lie ahead of them. Below you will find a brief overview as well as directives to navigate through useful resources found on the Engage NY website. There are several academic resources available on the site including activities, the standards, as well as the actual modules the students are working on in school.

    -          To get started simply access through by using your internet browser. A very useful tab can be located in the upper right corner and is labeled “Parents and Families” it can be identified by the yellow tree. Hover over the icon and move the cursor to the tab located “Parents and Families”.

    -          Once you have hovered over this tab three options will be available to right click: Guides to the Common Core Standards, Educational Activities, and Videos.

    -          Accessing the Guides to the Common Core Standards will provide a series of websites, materials, and guides aimed at helping parents navigate the Common Core Standards.

    -          Under Educational Activities you will find a variety of sites to assist parents and students in practicing key skills of the Common Core Standards.

    -          By utilizing the Videos tab you will find access to a variety of tabs aimed at helping parents better understand the Common Core Standards.

    -          The standards can be accessed by simply hovering over the blue graduation cap labeled

    “Common Core”. The actual modules, assessments, and resources are also accessible through this tab.


    Thank you again for your ongoing support throughout the school year,


    The fourth grade team