Classroom Management System

  • Behavior Management Plan

    Dear  Families,

    You will hear a lot about the Behavior Chart from your child. This is a school-wide initiative! Every classroom in our building uses this system. This is part of a system that helps students take responsibility for their own behavior in the classroom.

    Here’s how it works: Our class has rules for behavior. There is a chart that tracks the student’s success. Everyone starts the day with a GREEN card in the pocket chart. Students who forget to follow the rules must replace their green cards with yellow, orange, and red cards.

    GREEN: You’re doing great!

    YELLOW: Warning! Pay more attention to behavior.
    ORANGE: You have a consequence.
    (Ex: time out or loss of a privilege)
    RED: Call home, note home, or a visit to the principal.

    I will also be using Class Dojo for behavior management and parent communication.  A letter will be sent home explaining how it works.