Parent Resources


    Superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools and the Office of Family, School and Community Relations welcomes you to Howard Lewis Parent University.  Engaging courses are offered free of charge to all parents. These classes take place in select schools, community and faith based locations throughout the City.

     We believe that our most successful students have parents who are deeply involved in their education. Meaningful parent involvement occurs when parents are empowered through access to educational resources that support student learning. In that way, Howard Lewis Parent University was established to help parents learn what how to assist and support their children’s academic achievement and general well being.

     In planning the Howard Lewis Parent University, parents of BPS students were surveyed regarding what type of courses would be of interest to them.  The District used this information to work in collaboration with parent leaders, agencies and other community members to establish courses such as, Helping Your Child to Learn in the 21st Century, Parent Awareness, Health and Wellness, and Personal Growth and Development.

     We encourage you, as BPS parents, to take advantage of our myriad of free course offerings. It is our hope that you find that our Howard Lewis Parent University becomes a valuable resource to you and your family.

    “Putting children and families first to ensure high academic achievement for all”

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