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    Is your child anxious about starting kindergarten? Kindergarten is a big transition for children, and it can be hard, especially in the beginning. One of the best ways to prepare your child for kindergarten is to set aside a quiet time when you and your child can sit down together and read books about others who are dealing with the same fears. The library offers many books about starting school and starting kindergarten. Here are just a few. You might find your own anxieties calmed by reading these wonderful stories!

    Book cover of Annabelle Swift, KindergartnerAnnabelle Swift, Kindergartner by Amy Schwartz

    Although some of the things her older sister taught her at home seem a little unusual at school, other lessons help make Annabelle's first day in kindergarten a success. Amy Schwartz "provides a funny, balanced view of the emotions experienced by a child just starting school."


    Book cover of Look Out Kindergarten, Here I ComeLook Out Kindergarten, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson

    The first day of Kindergarten is finally here, and Henry can't wait to paint pictures, sing songs, and practice counting. Sounds like a great time!


    Book cover of First Day JittersFirst Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

    The main character in this story is very worried about what will go wrong on the first day of school. Will anyone like her? Will she know anyone? It will be hard! I just know I'm going to hate it! There is a twist at the end when readers discover it's actually the teacher who has first day jitters. Children will be amazed that they're not the only ones who worry about starting school.


    Book cover of Wemberly WorriedWemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

    Wemberly, a little girl mouse, is terrified at the thought of school. On her first day she meets a new friend who is also worried. The two of them help each other get through the day.