Principal's Reading Challenge

  • All Buffalo Public Schools are participating in the "Principal's Reading Challenge". 
    Each month the school whose students read the most books will get to house a magnificent trophy for a 

    What Counts as a "book"
    • Texts read outside of regular reading (i.e., not Journeys, CKLA or ELA Modules) but can be extension (e.g., third grader reads all of Sarah, Plain and Tall)
    • Texts can be part of a homework assignment or project that is completed outside of school
    • Texts should be within the appropriate Lexile range/difficulty level for students's current reading ability (judged by teacher)
    • PK-1 read alouds with parent/guardian/mentor sign off
    • Texts can be written in any language

    This challenge works hand-in-hand with the required 25 books read per year by each student.  
    The added component is a summary of each book read.  
    Please use the grade appropriate form below to complete the summaries:

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