Medicaid Compliance Plan & Consent/Notification


    Buffalo Public School District

    Committee on Special Education

    Office of Related Services

    Deanna Rivera, Supervisor

    MST #197

    646 East Delavan Avenue

    Buffalo, NY 14215



    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (34 CFR §300.9), a school district is required to obtain parental consent to bill Medicaid for Medicaid reimbursable services that are on your child’s individualized education program. This reimbursement has no effect on your personal Medicaid insurance. It is simply a way for a school district to access Medicaid funding to help meet the costs of providing special education services.

    Attached you will find a form asking for your permission for the Buffalo Public Schools to bill Medicaid for services.  Please read and confirm the information by completing all blanks and returning to the Buffalo Public Schools.

    If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call Kim Hoelscher, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education, at 816-4732 or Deanna Rivera, Supervisor of Special Education, at 816-7931.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.