Transition Services

  • Lead Contact: Director Robyn Tate, Principal Thomas Vitale

    Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

    Federal Special Education law - IDEA 2004 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) defines transition services as a coordinated set of activities for a student that promoted movement from school to post school activities.

    Transition Resources:

    To learn more contact any of the following:

    • Your Child's Student Support Team (SST) - A Student support Team is located in each school.  The purpose of the SST is to provide support for Committee on Special Education actions, student and/or parent concerns.  You can contact your child's team member through the main office at your child's team member through the main office at your child's school.  The team is comprised of a psychologist, social worker and special education teachers.
    • Vanessa Guerra LMSW, CSSW - Coordinator of Parent Services - provides families of students with disabilities the information, services, support, and opportunity to enable them to become involved, knowledgeable, and effective advocates for their children.
      Phone: 816-4747 Fax: 878-9705.
    • Parent Network of WNY - provides Parent Education & Support - 1021 Broadway Ave Buffalo, NY 14204.
      Phone: 332-4170 

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